Top Rock Music For Weddings

There are millions of rock music fans on earth. If you love rock, you might be looking for newest rock concerts to attend. As you do your search, discover our top 5 rock concerts of all times.

Weddings are all jubilant and need good accompanying music to liven up the mood and get people on the dance floor. Choosing the right kind of music can be a hassle but once you know the type and music you like, the rest will fall into place. If you are a rock fan and your significant other loves rock as well, get ready to rock up your wedding and get on the dance floor with the best and top listed rock music of the century.

A rock playlist is a great choice for wedding ceremonies. In addition there is a wide variety to choose from for walking down the aisle, have your first dance, for play during the reception as well as throughout the entire ceremony. When choosing a playlist, ensure that it carries the message intended for the occasion. Let the emotions flow from the music into your bones and let your movements be proof of your love for each other and more so the joy circulating the air on this beautiful day. This day you’ve been longing for and looking forward to since you were a little girl.

When selecting a rock n’ roll playlist for your wedding ceremonial proceedings, look into songs you’ve heard before. Go for songs you heard during your many firsts with your partner when you were just dating. This helps unfold all the lovely feelings and spread them in the air intoxicating the ceremony with nothing but all love. Although you’re not a rock fanatic, a rock wedding playlist will never go wrong in most occasions. For as long as you enjoy the music and the guests enjoy too, the rest will be worth the music choice.

Some of the great rock hit songs which will best suit your wedding ceremony are;

  • Walk this way - Aerosmith
  • I don’t want to miss a thing - Aerosmith
  • You shook me all night long - AC/DC
  • Best day of my life - American Authors
  • Christina Perri - A thousand years
  • All I want is you - U2
  • Everlong - Foo Fighters
  • Love Song- The Cure
  • When you love a woman - Journey
  • Wild horses - The rolling stones

From your first walk down the aisle, let the music speak on your behalf. Let the words of the rock music be your words and spread to the rest of the wedding guests. It is vital that the music’s rhythm and beats correspond to the feelings expelled from the day’s theme. This is simply love, joy and fun as well as memorable. Wedding days are meant to be spoken of. Give the guests an experience to always remember and talk about as they depart to their homes. Most rock songs will have beautiful and very sweet lyrics. Let the love of your life feel that from you thus creating a once in a lifetime experience which you’ll always remember as you go out there to start a life together as one.

Getting hitched is a wonderful experience that comes only once in your lifetime. Therefore you deserve the best and nothing less. You may have all other wedding activities catered for but if you don’t have a music playlist, the wedding will just be plain. If rock lovers, choose rock music to play during your wedding as it is your day and whatever your expectations are, ensure that you meet them. Furthermore, this might be your first and last wedding. Do you, be you and make you happy ‘cause that’s what the wedding is all about, your happiness as a couple.