Famous Rock Star Weddings


Fans tend to have mixed reactions to rock star weddings. On the one hand, they want their favorite rock stars to be happy. On the other hand, it tends to undermine the fantasy of imagining themselves with famous people. Many fans are unnecessarily hostile towards the spouses of rock stars for that reason. However, a rock star wedding is still usually the sort of thing that people pay attention to one way or another. People certainly never forget about the marriages. Naturally, many rock stars have had several marriages, much like all celebrities.

1. Linda Eastman and Paul McCartney
These two seem to have had a rare long and happy marriage, which is indeed the exception in the rock world. She died in 1998 after twenty-nine years of marriage. Paul McCartney has been marred twice more since then, first to the infamous Heather Mills and second to Nancy Shevell. He and Nancy Shevell seem to be happy together, and at least the age gap between the two of them is smaller than it was with Heather Mills.

2. Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley
People often look to this couple as proof that even people living the fantasy rock star life are capable of enjoying domestic stability, which is comforting to some people and which might seem unfair to others. Dorothea Hurley and Jon Bon Jovi met in high school and they have now been married for twenty-three years.

3. Sting and Trudie Styler
Trudie Styler and Sting seem to have a happy marriage, and they have been together since 1992. This defied the expectations of a lot of the public, since Sting seems to have left his first wife Frances Tomelty very suddenly. He and Trudie Styler have managed to be a much more successful couple thus far, and hopefully everyone involved learned their lesson the first time.

4. Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain
These two may have been among the most controversial rock couples ever, and twenty years later, this is still the case. Many people still continue to blame Courtney Love for Kurt Cobain's suicide, with some people thinking that she killed him in reality and other people thinking that she just drove him to it. However, their wedding was at least happy. It's one of the few pictures where Kurt Cobain actually looks happy, and it manages to make people forget about the tragedy that would happen at least for a second.

5. John Lennon and Yoko Ono
These two more or less helped epitomize the principle that fans often have a problem with the spouse or loved one of one of the rock stars that they idolize, and Yoko Ono is still living with that decades after John's death. However, at least their wedding was lovely and symbolic. There are lots of debates today about whether their actual marriage was healthy or not. There is no telling what would have happened with their marriage in subsequent years. However, people can at least still remember them as a couple that wanted to give peace a chance in some respects.