Rock Events In London

There is much that happens in London in each year. Its calendar of events on rock music is busy. London is the king when it comes to rock music. It has powerful bands as The Who, The rolling stones, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden Queen, The Kinks, and the Pink Floyd. They are all rock royalities.London is the real home of rock music whether they rock out in the Hyde Park or play the rock music at the major arenas on world tours. The following is a list of events for rock music in London for 2017:

Black Sabbath: The End at the 02.
This is a live event that will take place on January 29 to January 31; the year 2017.The legendary band of the rock is fronted by Ozzy Osborne who performs its final tour. The price of the event ranges from 72.70 US dollars to 90.30 US dollars per ticket. When travelling to London for this show, you will encounter romantic things that you can do there. Attending a rock life event as this one is ja great opportunity with your favorite rock artists.

Jeff Lynne’s ELO at the Wembly Stadium.
This show will be held on 24/06/2017.The songs of Jeff Lynne from their first album is 15 years old. ’Alone in The Universe’ and classic rock tunes from the 1970 and 1980 are going to be performed in this event. The hotels which you may need to book include Ibis London Wembly Hotel or Hilton Wemly or Novelel London Wembly.They are all near the venue of the event.

Band OF Horses Live Event
Band of horses event on hard rock music will be held on 23.Feb.2017 at Stepny at 7.00 p.m. get your ticket, you need to log in to the ticket network and apply for it.It is going to be a live event and it is going to be big.

Sabath and Accept live event.
It will be held at the 02 Academy Glasgow, GB.The date of the live event is on 11.01.2017 .The time is 19.00 hours. Less than 14 years are not allowed. The 02 Academy is at 121 Eglnton Street G5 9WT, Glasgow. There prize is favorable and you need to book online for your ticket.

Devil You Know live event at Water Front
The show is going to be held at Norwich GB on 11/01/20017 at 19.30 pm.

Black Sabath live show on the Manchester Arena.
It will be a hard rock show event on 22/01/2017.Tickets is bought at cheap price and you can book online to attend the amazing event.

Anderson Rabin and Wakeman Event
They have lined up the United Kingdom show and event which is nationalwide.It will be held on 22/03/2017.Tickets for this show are priced at 50.00 US dollars.

Paul Carrack event
The show will start on 02/02/ 2017 to 25/03/2017.It will be a great one that you have ever seen. Book online for a ticket.

Avenged Sevenfold
They have also arranged a London Show alongside with disturbed and flames. The show is ending on 21/01/2017

This will be best events of rock music that you need to attend!