Best Rock Clubs In London

Rock is great genre of music. The instrumentals are just off the hook channeling in lots of adrenaline junky. London hosts some of the greatest clubs worth the visit that offer great rock tunes for your ears to hear, heart to listen and your body to experience the rhythm and beats. London is home to many and great clubs and a few are known for the rock genre music they showcase. With all that said, below are 4 of best rock clubs in London you should check out:

Crobar is located at 17 Manette Street in Soho. Popularly known for whisky, beer, rock n’ roll music. In addition, the jukebox everyone is always talking about and rocks the place to the loudest as well as friendly staff. Anyone who has attended a gig at Crobar can attest it is not a one stop place.

The Underworld
The Iconic club is at the heart of Camden town, 174 Camden High Street London NW1 ONE. It is insane, epic and a part of the World’s End pub. It is a basement-oriented club venue which can only hold a capacity of 500 people tops. It is great place for metallic rock bands, passing by and for small gigs.

The Lexington
Located in Barnsbury, it is Islington’s finest club where upstairs is designated for the rock fanatics which is very cozy. It is popular for its small and intimate venue which is just fantastic for gigs. It has been ranked 2nd as London’s best rock club. If you want to try great bourbons, attend Lexington today.

100 Club
Found along Oxford Street in Soho, the 100 club is a host of live acts that dates all the way back to 1942. It is a legendary venue whose small space bring you closer to the reality of the music with its open minded music policy.